Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kemasik Beach

Located around 10 km north of Kijal town, Kemasik Beach (Pantai Kemasik) and 15 km from Kerteh [my house] is a beautiful and scenic tourist spot that you must visit if you happen to drive along the coastal roads of Terengganu.

This clean and picturesque beach is great for picnics, setting up camping tents, flying kites or just lounging around on the sand. You can also climb the large rocks on the beach and enjoy the view of the sea and beach from there.

There is a mini-park and playground near Kemasik Beach for visitors to enjoy. There are several food stalls in Kemasik Beach where you can buy light snacks and have a taste of the local food.


MamaFaMi said...

MasyaAllah indah sungguh alam ciptaan Allah SNT

yuliang11 said...

hey i love kemasik beach too!

kemasik beach


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